Helicopter over Seychelles beach
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By on 30th November 2016

When escaping the office there are normally three items to tick off your vacation list: swimming costume, towel, and beach destination. Takamaka Rum’s home, the Seychelles, is the perfect location to unwind and soak up those sunrays. After all, it is truly a 365-day-a-year holiday destination – with an average temperature of 27°C throughout the year. But what if you’re not just content to work on your tan and sip on Takamaka Rum cocktails by the pool or beach? Well you’re in luck as there’s so much more to this paradise than just relaxing. Here are some great activities for when you’re not just drinking rum.

Under the sea
The welcoming blue tropical waters surrounding the archipelagos are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Seriously, diving in the Seychelles has to be on any avid divers bucket list of destinations to explore below the waves. With multiple coral reefs and deep ocean, the abundance of sea life is truly mind boggling. The best way to plan these trips is to book with a registered diving company so you don’t waste time wandering aimlessly in the ocean. Then again, it is a beautiful blue and massive ocean to explore, go wild – but be responsible.

Rushing through the canopies
Tropical landscapes are bushy and lush environments. While you can explore the forest floor by foot there is now an option to zipline through the canopy of these amazing habitats. As Seychelles excursions go this is one of the most unique and adventurous methods of taking in the scenery. Available through a few organisations, this fun experience is something you’ll never forget. The wind rushing past your ears is bound to get your blood pumping.

Pedalling around an island
The islands are not very large, you can easily drive around the coastal road of the main island (Mahé) in about hour or two. So listen to Leonardo DiCaprio and hop on a bicycle – save the planet. Bicycle rentals are only offered on the stunning island of La Digue, the third largest inhabited island in the Seychelles, which by the way is only 10.08 km2 and only accessible via ferry – can you smell adventure! The remote, and beautiful, island is perfect for an easy bike ride along the coastal road. Just remember to pack yourself a picnic basket and maybe a bottle of your favourite Takamaka Rum to enjoy on an unspoilt beach in this tropical wonderland.

Time flies, so get on board
There are 115 small islands that make up the Seychelles. They vary in size from Booby Island (fun name) at 2.3 hectares with only 30 metres of elevation, to Mahé, the main island which is 157 km2 (and where Takamaka Rum is based). So if you’re keen to see majority of these beautiful islands you’ll either need to hire a fast yacht or build up massive muscles so you can kayak between the archipelagos, but or our suggestion would be to hire a 5 star chartered helicopter flight.

No alternative route offers you the opportunity to island hop in such glamourous style. Take in vistas that stretch to the horizon while skimming metres over the ocean.

And the cherry on top?

You’re able to step out from the luxurious chopper onto a deserted island with ice and Takamaka Rum. There are a number of flight services, at various prices, but treat yourself and go for the top helicopter flip package.

Live out your childhood dream and go treasure hunting
Olivier Le Vasseur is a name that won’t mean much to most unless you’re a local from the islands. An infamous pirate, and someone who would have dabbled in enjoying Takamaka Rum, La Vasseur is rumoured to have hidden booty which has been estimated to between US $250 million (ZAR 3.5 billion) to US $ 1 billion (ZAR 14.5 billion). Many locals believe it to be true, with some on the search for over 30 years. Imagine you happen to find it on your holiday?

Imagine buying your own island and never needing to leave. Well, we can all dream. One thing is a certain though, you’ll never be too far from getting Takamaka Rum when exploring multiple options of sky, sea, and land activities in the Seychelles.