Mango Mojitos


By on 30th January 2017

Tropical Fruit and a Seychellois Rum come together to make some of the best cocktail!

The Seychelles has been an international destination for centuries, arguably before the written record of its discovery back in the 16th century. We’re used to travellers and merchants dropping in and leaving a some distinct part of their own culture behind in paradise, and the islands are still frequented by arrivals from all corners of the globe who have left their distinctive mark.

These individuals have come to embrace the beautiful landscapes and beaches, but also left part of their rich cultures, and in some cases – their crops. The all-year round tropical climate helps farmers on the island to cultivate a wide variety of tropical fruits (there are six varieties of apples on the islands). This in turn means that locals have gotten used to the huge selection of fruits, but none are as loved as the Mango. When you pair this fruit with Takamaka Rum they became an inseparable couple and make this awe inspiring rum cocktail. Here’s how you can meet this couple in your own home:

– One mango
– One tbsp of sugar
– 8-10 sprigs of fresh mint leaves (get extra for garnish)
– Two tbsp lime juice
– 90ml of Takamaka White Rum
– Ice cubes
– Sparkling water


First purée the mango in a blender until smooth, set aside. Muddle sugar and mint in a cocktail shaker, add lime juice, Takamaka White Rum, and mango purée. Once you have the lid firmly on the shaker, shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds.

Now grab two tall cocktail glasses, add a generous amount of ice, fill one third of the glasses with sparkling water, and top-up with mango mixture. Stir until mixed. Garnish with additional mint sprigs and a slice of mango  – if desired.