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By on 18th July 2017

As one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on earth, it is no surprise that the Seychelles has been the site of much fascination by local and international writers. Whether it is non fiction explorations of the magical flora and fauna, or a racy beachside romance, the Seychelles is the perfect scene for literature of all kinds. We unpack five of the best Seychelles reads.

1. Kolony

By Glynn Burridge


If you’re a fan of the kind of book that keeps you up at night, look no further than Kolony.

Set initially in 1884, the shipwreck setting is reminiscent of Pirates of the Carribean but with some much darker elements. Flashing between history and the present, Burridge spins a shocking tale of island travelers, without the beautiful sunsets and happy ending. Blending thriller and adventure genres as only a masterful writer can, it’s a page-turner from start to finish.


2. Contes et poemes des Seychelles

Antoine Abel


Known worldwide as the ‘father of Seychelles literature,’ Antoine Abel is a writer unlike any other. Famed for his expert use of imagery, his works of Seychellois and French evoke strong imagery from his native Seychelles. In this anthology of short stories and poetry, Abel spins an elaborate web of storytelling, primarily from the perspective of the Seychelles’ indigenous people. If you’re looking to learn Creole, take a deeper look into the island nation, or just enjoy some top-drawer poetry, purchase this inimitable work of literature.


3. A Gecko Blew Up My Toaster

Martin Varley


The perfect book for anyone looking for a light read. A Gecko Blew Up My Toaster is written from the perspective of an English dad who moves to the Seychelles with his family. While at first, the thought of sun and sea seems the perfect change from dreary England, the book unpacks just how tricky it can be to live in the Seychelles with young children. Parents, this one’s for you – the perfect book to read while the kids splash in the Seychelles waters.


4. Birds of the Seychelles

Adrian Skerret and Ian Bullock

Non-fiction, Ornithology


One of the major attractions for visiting the Seychelles is the incredible bird life. With over 250 species on the cluster of islands, bird lovers have been visiting the Seychelles for centuries to take in the sights and sounds. In this book, the authors provide one of the first comprehensive guides to bird life in the Seychelles, with rich explanations and illustrations that bring each of the birds to life. The perfect book to browse if you have plans to bird watch, or just want to identify some flying friends during your trip.