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By on 12th October 2017

The tour of La Plaine St. André & the Trois Frères Distillery is a must for tourists & locals alike. Today, we are taking you on a quick journey through the home of Takamaka Rum to give you a glimpse into what you can expect on what is quickly becoming one of the most popular tours on the island. The Tour is available Monday to Friday at 11.30am and 1.30pm costing scr150 for the Tour & Tasting, or just scr100 for the Tasting only.

Let’s begin!

In the centre of the property stands the grand old colonial style plantation house named La Plaine St. André after the original owners birthplace in La Reunion. It was built back in 1792 and over the years fell into a state of disrepair and was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1990. Now lovingly restored to its former glory it now houses La Grande Maison restaurant recognized as one of the best on Mahé and a small shop selling locally made items.

Set to the natural soundtrack of birdsong and the waves on the beach across the road, the tour begins with a walk through the tranquil grounds surrounding the house that were once part of a huge 60 acre working farm.  In amongst the meticulously manicured gardens of lush tropical trees and pretty blooms are ruins of the outbuildings and the original features of the farm. A spacious pen is home to a male and female giant tortoise couple, aptly named Taka and Maka, who lazily munch their way through piles of leaves throughout the day.

We then find ourselves in front of the distillery with a pile of freshly delivered sugar cane – Francis the tour guide and rum enthusiast is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to his favourite tipple! He takes us through the entire process of Rum making from processing the raw sugar cane through the distillation to the final product and what makes Takamaka Rum so unique. As the supply of Sugar Cane is very limited on the island, we are one of the few distilleries in the world that use a unique blend of Agricol and Molasses Rum. You can also catch a peek at the Barrels used for aging our popular Extra Dark Rum and Premium Rum St. André. Then it’s onto to the best bit – the tasting!

A rum tasting is like no other and every bit as complex as wine tasting. As you explore the 6 distinctly different Takamaka Rums, Francis points out the underlying notes of vanilla and caramel, along with an explanation of colours, textures and smells. By the end you are sure to have rosey cheeks and a thorough knowledge of what to look for in a truly exceptional rum.

Takamaka Rum is fast becoming the choice of Rum for connoisseurs worldwide and the demand for international exportation is growing rapidly. So if your looking for a unique holiday experience or simply something a little different this is the tour for you. Who knew that rum could be so interesting!

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