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By on 2nd March 2018

It’s gotta happen at some point but not on your holiday right?

Here are some ideas to keep it real on holiday if heaven forbid the skies open up!

Visit a Museum

Rainy days are perfect for soaking up some Seychelles History – why not visit the Natural history museum in the heart of Victoria? The Seychelles is home to many rare and endemic species along with some that are already extinct. At the Natural History Museum you can find out all about these weird and wonderful creatures past and present. Situated right next door to the post office, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to mail those postcards!

Art Fix

If art is more your thing the art gallery beside the library in Victoria regularly exhibits the works of local artists. The art featured here is not always that of established artists but rather an eclectic mix of young and old, modern and classical styles. You will certainly be surprised at the quality and variety of art produced in Seychelles and we think you will agree Selselwa I anan talan! – Seychellois have talent!

A bigger art space situated on Eden Island – The Eden Art Gallery – is a place where the more established professional artist exhibit their work.  Not only home grown Seychellois artists but also the work of foreign artists who produce and reside in Seychelles. The beauty and culture of the islands surely inspire the artists resulting in a stunning variety and mix of ideas and styles that ensures a rich and eye pleasing viewing.  The art works here are for sale – a great souvenir of your visit to these magical islands.

There are many other galleries dotted in and around the islands and also many independent artists that open their studios to the public and are happy to chat and talk about their work and life.

Spa Day

As if you really needed an excuse for a Spa Day! Most hotels have their own Spas, if yours doesn’t there are many Spas on the islands offering an array of luxurious tropical inspired body treatments and massages at competitive prices.

Spice it-up

Most of the bigger hotels offer cooking classes which is a great way to take home a taste of the local cuisine. Once you’re a pro, plan a trip to the Victoria Market to stock up on all the spices and even get a few souvenirs. The Market is always bustling with farmers, fishermen and local artisans – conveniently sheltered from the rain you can enjoy some shopping, get great pictures and even grab some lunch at the creole restaurant “Restaurant du Marché”.

Get out anyway!

Why should you stay indoors to keep dry just because it’s raining?? Go on get out – go to the beach anyway, in Seychelles the water is always warm so a little water falling from the sky shouldn’t keep you out of the big puddle below!

Cha Ching!

If the rain has dampened your spirits and made you glum chum – have a little fun gambling the blues away…. Cha ching cha ching! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! Seychelles casinos are open between 10am and 2am 7days a week. Most boast slot machines and regular gambling tables such as Roulette and Blackjack.

Come say hi!

Visit the home of Takamaka Rum. Take a tour of the Takamaka Rum Distillery complete with Rum Tasting. Tours run from Monday to Friday at 11.30am and 1pm. No prior bookings are necessary which is ideal for when those unpredictable rain showers hit.  After the tour you can enjoy a meal at the La Plaine St Andre Restaurant and celebrate your holidays with some tongue tickling Takamaka Rum cocktails – before long you wont even care if it’s raining!

Read more about the Distillery Tour & Rum Tasting here

Did somebody say Cocktails?

Come rain or shine our best suggestion to help you chase those grey skies and clouds away and the perfect way to ensure you still enjoy your holiday in paradise no matter the weather is with a Takamaka Rum cocktail! Not only will your taste buds be dancing with joy but you will forget all about the weather and relax and unwind which is what a holiday is for right? Any one of the many hotels around the islands provide Lounge Areas & Cocktail Bars and ALL serve Takamaka Rum as their choice of Rum. So all you need is a comfy couch and a great bartender!