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By on 12th April 2018

Workers belonging to the millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, make up the largest generation in the current workforce.

This tech-savvy millennial generation wholehearted exploits the new found freedom technology affords and more and more are embracing the digital nomadic lifestyle – the idea that aided by technology you can work from wherever you like. This is a job description that is fast becoming a reality and is on the increase, becoming the most desired way of working in the future.

Imagine a job that lets you keep your own hours and the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Depending on your industry, apart from a good internet connection and a few software packages, there is little else you need except perhaps a ready supply of sunscreen and a bottle of your favourite Takamaka Rum and mixer in the cooler beside you when you set-up office for a few days in the Seychelles.

Isn’t it interesting that with the rapid development of technology and as it gets more and more advanced, it is allowing us to get out in the world spending more time enjoying nature and life outside of the office.

The Internet is indeed changing the world giving us the freedom to live and work where we choose. So if you can choose…why not choose a tropical beach destination with powdery white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and the best Rum in the world!

In the past it was only lifeguards and marine services that could boast that the beach is their office but today there is an ever increasing stream of expats keeping their current jobs while moving abroad to places like Seychelles. So if you don’t have a money to burn or a magic lamp, a great way to live in paradise is to work here remotely while still earning a living in your home country.

The perks are obvious like a year round tan and no winter clothes. No clogged carbon filled freeways – just laid back island living and of course Takamaka Rum – made right here in Seychelles.

You don’t need to wear a suit, be chained to a desk or even clock-in to an office anymore for many industries. Thanks to the internet you can work wherever and whenever as long as the work gets done. Some even say that a warm sunny climate, stress free island time and being surrounded by holidaying tourists is more inspiring and productive than a gloomy office surrounded by drab décor.

Most of those lucky enough to have a work “from anywhere” kind of job are their own bosses or a consultant type position so will work hard in any case but those who’s companies allow them to work from aboard have the extra motivation of not losing that privilege so that they tend to work harder and even be more efficient than those desk bound minions. Eliminating the dreaded daily commute of big city life on smog filled highways provides the worker with more time in their working day – thereby extending deadlines and lessening stress. Getting more done means more down time – and what better place to enjoy it than paradise on earth.