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By on 7th May 2018

If we asked you to close your eyes and imagine a tropical paradise… the chances are the picture your mind would have conjured up would be an iconic image of the Seychelles, white sand, turquoise water, swaying coconut palms and blazing hot sun.

For those of us lucky enough to live here – your fantasy tropical paradise is our reality. That image is truly what you will find in all corners of the Seychelles islands. These stunning vistas cannot help but ignite the creative fire.

From painters to poets, writers, sculptors, dancers and musicians it goes without saying that the Seychelles’ breathtaking beauty is the ultimate muse for the creative soul.

Not only are the local Seychellois inspired to create amazing works of art, literature, music and dance but also visitors, expats and semi permanent residents have been inspired by the Seychelles’ amazing beauty.

And it is not all just fabulous beaches and year round sun – oh no she has so much more to offer – from the food and smells, to the people, the culture and history and of course the inland scenic views, rainforests, waterfalls the list goes on and on.

She has that something special that is so unique with a call so loud that it awakens the creative spirit deep inside all of us. That inspirational muse that gives voice to the creative ideas within.

South African Novelist Wilbur Smith once owned a house on Cerf Island and described it as “one of my favourite places on earth”, he wrote a novel named ‘Wild Justice’ (published as ‘The Delta Decision’ in the US) of which the story begins in the Seychelles.

Along with Smith fellow author and the creator of the James Bond character – Ian Fleming was a frequent visitor to the Seychelles and even based a character in his last novel on the (late) internationally well-known (Indian/Seychellois) historian and environmentalist – Kantilal Jivan.

The creative geniuses come from far and wide passing through the Seychelles on their travels taking a little piece of her with them as they move on –  but for some it’s not so easy to move on and instead they take up residence in the islands seduced by this ‘garden of eden’.

Renowned British Artist (born in Malaysia) Michael Adams made the Seychelles home in 1972 and is credited with establishing the foundations for serious fine art in the islands. His talented children, Tristan and Alyssa are artists in their own right, and all three depict the Seychelles through their own eyes with similar yet recognisably different styles.

Serbian born artist Vladimir Tarakanoff enjoyed painting daily scenes of Seychellois life – he painted the local architecture of the town and shops with his characters, going about their daily lives, shopping, sweeping and engaging in the Seychellois favourite pastime – just having a chat.

The bronze sculptures of Tom Bowers from the UK depict an undeniable Seychellois spirit, from the statue of a child diving into invisible water to the girl shading beneath a banana leaf his stunningly beautiful works portray the beauty and serenity of island life, Tom has resided in the Seychelles for over 30 years and  perhaps his most notable work to date is that of the Liberty Monument commissioned to mark 38years of Seychelles independence. The monument depicts a man and a woman proudly looking forward and flying the national flag high above their heads and is situated in the centre of the capital Victoria.

The turquoise colour of the Seychelles waters is a common theme of the painter Sheila Markham from the UK, it flows throughout her outworks and evokes the salty air of the seaside. A painter of both realism and abstract works, Sheila’s Praslin Island home has a big influence on her choice of subject matter.

…..And last but not least the art of making exceptional rum! It was most certainly the Seychelles Islands that inspired the d’Offay Brothers to create and perfect a truly authentic taste of the Seychelles in the form of a most pleasing beverage. Takamaka Rum is widely available throughout the islands and loved by all, all the major hotels stock it and this home grown product is the drink of choice of all Seychellois.