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By on 14th August 2019

How to drink rum? Aside from the obvious answer – “from a glass” (or a coconut a times for us locals), here are a few handy tips on how best to drink rum. 


Despite what some may think, sometimes less is more. Keep things simple by adding some cola to our Extra Dark Rum for a long classic, a little ginger ale to our Dark Spiced Rum or topping our Coco Rum with pineapple juice for a lazy Pina Colada.


Rum is the most versatile spirit in the world and a well-made cocktail is a thing of joy. However with so many options, finding a cocktail that you really love can be tricky. Experimenting at home with one of our recipes is a rum-tastic way to find your flavour – you don’t have to be a mixologist or need expensive professional tools (read our blog on kitchen cupboard replacements). If you aren’t the type to mess about with ingredients and recipes, we suggest calling up a designated driver and finding a bartender who knows our rum to be your guide. Either way, you’re in for a treat!


Brew your favourite coffee or hot chocolate and add 30-60ml of Takamaka Rum for a boozy twist.


The ultimate rum serve? Well that’s obvious: neat. Our Takamaka St André, Extra Noir and Creole Craft Series rums can be enjoyed neat or with a splash of water and ice. You’ll get all the flavour and aroma by drinking our expertly crafted rums ‘straight up’. Which brings us to…


This is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and sample our full range of rums. Get the most out of your tasting by:

  1. Get your best shot glass. Grappa glasses are really good but anything that funnels the aromas to the nose is a good bet.
  2. Get warmer. By serving our rums at room temperature you’ll get the most flavour and aroma out of them. Unlike wine tasting, it’s okay to hold the glass in your hands in order to warm up the rum.
  3. Approach with (nasal) caution. Take it slowly and don’t breath it in like wine. Go in slowly, one nostril at a time. Let the rum seduce you with its fragrance and aromas. Back away for a minute before taking a closer sniff.
  4. Down the hatch. Take a tiny sip first and let it roll around your mouth. Part of the excitement is what comes afterwards, once you exhale you’ll get a whole treat of things that come up onto your palate.
  5. Compare notes. Everybody’s tastebuds are different. All the lovely flavours that you get from a barrel will be there in different proportions for different people.


Yes, that’s right, rum can also be a flavourful addition to both savoury and sweet dishes. Take our word for it, a rum dessert can turn your world upside down. Find insanely delicious Takamaka Rum-infused food and dessert recipes on our blog and facebook page. You’ll thank us later!