Seychelles Beach at Sunset Takamaka Rum
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By on 26th October 2016

1. Paradise in a small package

The Seychelles’ capital, Victoria is the smallest capital city in the world. Despite being one of the world’s most sought after holiday cities, the heart of the Seychelles islands is only 7500 sqm in total. But what Victoria lacks in space it makes up for in attractions – from a vibrant market ad street food culture, and a home to some of the friendliest people on earth.


2. Signs of the supernatural

If you’re a ghostbusters fan looking for things to do in the Seychelles, we’ve got you covered with the best destination for finding supernatural souls. Moyenne Island is known in the Seychelles as home to some past life paranormal activity. Visitors to the island have reported feeling some eerie chills (despite the generally hot climate) and hearing a woman wailing. One UK tourist even reported seeing a woman in a white dress. This trip is not for the faint hearted.


3. Splash with sea turtles

In efforts to encourage interest in marine conservation (an issue which is incredibly pressing in the Seychelles), local environmentalists developed the Sea Turtle Festival – featuring some of the oldest, most exotic sea turtle varieties on the planet. This festival is an offbeat tourist attraction. It’s perfect for kids looking to do something a little different, and an awesome way that the Seychelles is merging education with entertainment.


4. Herbivores paradise

Although the African island is a seafood hotspot, some of the population have taken to a vegetarian diet, making the environment perfect for those who don’t partake in meat dishes. The shift towards vegetarianism is partly because of the wide range of exotic vegetation available at a low cost for any income group and partly because of the influence of some Southern Indian cuisine – where meat (and red meat in particular) is often a no-go.


5. The perfect romantic backdrop

The Seychelles beaches have made the location a prime spot for romantic getaways. Big screen pals Brad Pitt and George Clooney have both had honeymoons there, with Clooney reportedly spending a whopping $47000 on his post nuptial trip with wife Amal.


6. Jaws in Summer

While diving is a round year pastime in the Seychelles, it’s a little known fact that October to January offers the best opportunity for a once in a lifetime sea spotting. We don’t just suggest any booze infused night swimming but this is a must for pro-divers, or those with a local guide who knows his way around the jaws. Bucket list: sorted


7. Prime real estate

Although most of us will never have the dough to make a purchase, some small pieces of the island are actually available for sale. Recent private public partnerships have made it possible for the rich and famous to procure pieces of their own. Sure, it’s a high price tag for a holiday home – but we think the peace, pretty sights and privacy is all worth it. Prices start at a cool half a million dollars, if you’re considering the move