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By on 30th November 2016

People Behind the Rum – And Sharing their Festive Plans – with YOU

International travel trends say that most visitors want to tap into the local’s scene at any destination. Many travellers don’t want to travel long distances only to see another tourist hub – they have those at home already! They’re interested in seeking out those hidden gems that only the locals frequent. This has meant that many visitors have asked our staff members, at and at the Takamaka Distillery, where they hangout and what they do in their spare time – this time of year.

Takamaka Rum Distillery’s Shop Manager Lindy recalls the advice she’s given to countless eager festive season tourist/s, “It’s a clichéd list, but when you call paradise your home there’s no need to complicate matters. I always suggest getting some fishing in, exploring the island on foot on one of the many nature hiking trails, getting involved with some sailing or diving – but really the best and truly local experience is to enjoy some Takamaka Rum on a beach. Which beach? Well that’s something I can only share in person when you visit us in the store…”

As the festive season rolls in the consumer’s tastes do tend to vary a little. With the Seychelles maintaining constant tropical temperatures 365 days a year, do the locals also get excited about fruitcake and eggnog? Well according to Bernard d’Offay (Bern for short), export director of Takamaka Rum, palates’ of locals pretty much stay the same over the festive season, and so, by association, do the visitors,

“Our Takamaka Dark Spiced Rum and Coconut Infused Rum are very popular with the Seychellois all year round and even during the end of year period. They (the rums) really are the perfect companion for unwinding and celebrating the festive season. And this means many tourists also look for what the locals are enjoying, while getting some sand between the toes.”

As a small, bespoke rum distillery, Trois Frères Distillery has embraced family values and eager visitors. The team has no problem working right up until 23 December. Over the holiday of the 24 – 25 you can expect many of the staff members to be spending time with their biological families, but living in the Seychelles does mean your neighbours are also colleagues, which in turn means you’re bound to bump into them at the local.

“Over the last few years the staff at the Takamaka Distillery have kind of made it a tradition, mostly by accident, to meet up and have a final blowout at The Boardwalk Takamaka Rum VIP Floating Lounge,” recounts an amused Lindy, “Everyone is there, the whole Takamaka family. Sometimes a new random fun tourist, who’ve we’ve chatted to in at the rum distillery tags along – it’s part of the whole Seychellois festive party vibe.”

While many will be embracing all the activities during the Seychelles’ sunny festive season – it is a very short one. As soon as the calendar flips over to December people at the distillery need to start plotting and planning for the new year – 2017.

“In 2017 we will continue to make the best possible rum at our beautiful distillery. Also in the coming  year we’d like to follow our visitors home and become a local in their town. We also plan to focus on expanding our presence in the UAE, Europe, and even at the tip of the African continent South Africa! By bringing the ‘Spirit of the Seychelles’ to our global audience around the world – at their local pubs,” says an excited Bern.
With a successful 2016 nearly behind the entire Takamaka Rum team (sorry ‘World’ we had a personally great year), we are all keen for the short rest coming up. We’re hoping that everyone at Trois Frères Distillery can fully recharge their batteries and be ready to tackle the new year ahead.

Hope to see everyone in the new year and to share arguably the best rum with more visitors, and connoisseurs, across the globe.