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By on 30th January 2017

The Seychelles is a destination that has made itself onto many bucket lists – and rightfully so. If you’re lucky enough to visit this island paradise, these are the 10 things you absolutely, positively, unquestionably have to do in the Seychelles.


1. Visit the giant tortoises

Slow things down and stop to appreciate some of the biggest, most majestic pre-historic creatures that still roam the earth. You’ll find them on the appropriately named Curieuse Island. You’ll not only see the Aldabra giant tortoises but also get to explore the natural jungle in this national park.


2. Take a hike

No really, take a hike in the mountainous terrain for breathtaking views of the archipelago. If you’re feeling adventurous (and fit), put on some hiking shoes and pack a backpack of refreshments and take on Morne Blanc, the highest peak in the area – starting from the already high Morne Seychellois National Park. If you want to take it a bit easier, try one of the more moderate hiking trails such as the trail along the northwest coastline of Mahé that leads to the quiet Anse Major beach. Get some more hiking trail ideas here.


3. Cycle La Digue

Get away from the more expected tourist attractions. Forge your own path on two wheels and explore the small island of La Digue. Rent a bicycle for a day and be your own tour guide, find your own beach and take it easy.


4. This little tourist went to the market

No visit to the Seychelles is complete without losing yourself in the Victoria Market for an hour or two. Known for great bargains, Boho beach style and an expansive range of fresh fruit and fish, there’s something to intrigue everyone.


5. Dive with whale sharks

If you don’t have your diving license, definitely to get it before your trip. There are just a few places in the world where you can potentially dive with the biggest fish in the sea – and the Seychelles is one of them. These gentle giants migrate past Mahé between August and November.


6. Visit the local Takamaka rum distillery & have dinner at their world famous restaurant La Grand Maison

Make a visit to the Takamaka Rum Distillery mandatory. Tours include rum tasting and the chance to buy some bottles. Takamaka Rum is one of the few locally produced products and having a few drinks at the bar-restaurant is highly recommended.


7. Glass-bottom boat trip

The Sainte Anne National Marine Park consists of six islands off the coast of Mahé. Appreciating the coral reefs on a glass-bottom boat trip is a must. You can also go scuba diving and snorkeling if you want to get a bit closer.


8. Take a dip in a waterfall

Lying on the beach all day and swimming in the sea is a given for a trip to the Seychelles, but make sure you also make time to take in some of the fresh-water natural wonders. The waterfalls in the Seychelles aren’t huge, but they’re perfect for a refreshing dip. Try out spots like the Grand Anse and Port Launay waterfalls.


9. Explore Vallée de Mai on Praslin

The island of Praslin is home to a prehistoric palm forest – which includes the world’s largest population of coco-de-mer palms which are endemic to the Seychelles. These palms also bear the largest seeds in the entire plant kingdom. Definitely worth a day trip.


10. Have sundowners on the beach

Self-explanatory, but one hundred percent obligatory. The islands offer some of the best beaches in the world and they are worthy of a toast – every day.