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By on 29th May 2017

If you were ever going to pursue a career as a fulltime artist, the Seychelles should definitely rank right up there as one of the best places to set down your paintbrush (or chisel or pencil or any other medium for that matter). The tropical island’s exquisite surrounds, rich Seychellois culture and leisurely lifestyle offer endless inspiration for the creation of bright, colourful and diverse island arts and crafts.


The Seychelles is home to a number of renowned fine artists – many of whom showcase their work in their own galleries. So if you’re planning a trip to the islands, make sure you take in a bit of Seychelles culture by exploring the local island art scene. Here are just a few of the artists and gallery spaces worth checking out on your trip:


George Camille Studios and Galleries

Kaz Zanana is a restored Creole townhouse in Victoria which is both a popular restaurant and the primary permanent gallery of local artist, George Camille. Camille is known for his bright, bold depictions of everyday island life. Camille was born in Mahé and grew up on the island of La Digue. While he was initially self-taught, his style developed over the years and through further study in London. He has exhibited worldwide and works across multiple mediums including watercolours, etching, mixed media, embossed copper and acrylic collage. Camille works and exhibits on both Mahé and La Digue. On Mahé, in addition to Kaz Zanana Camille also has a studio and the Sunstroke Gallery, while you can view and purchase his works on the island of La Digue from his Green House Gallery. Find out more here.


Michael Adams Studio

Adams is one of the most well-known artists in the Seychelles and his art gallery is based at his home, a wooden house in the jungle in Anse aux Poules Bleues on the island of Mahé. He was born in Malaysia in 1937 and studied art in England before starting the graphic art department at Makerere University in Uganda. Adams went on to become a freelance artist in East Africa. He and his wife moved to the Seychelles in 1972 and have lived there ever since. He has held many successful exhibitions across the world and has received international acclaim for his work. He works across a number of mediums including watercolours, silk screens and line blocks to create vivid, bright artworks that evoke the lush vitality of the islands. Find out more here.


The National Library and Art Gallery

Located in Victoria, the National Library offers an on-site gallery which showcases of some of the local artists’ work – offering a break from the bustle of the city. The building was reconstructed between 1991 and 1994 to replace the Carnegie Library which dated back to 1910. It houses the national reference library and archives – a worthwhile stop for anyone interested in the history of the archipelago, while also offering a glimpse into the modern art scene of the region. Find out more here.


Yellow Gallery and Sculpture Studio

The Yellow Gallery in Baie Lazare on Mahé island is the exhibition and work space of Italian born sculptor, Antonio Flippin. Flippin’s wood and coral sculptures are a celebration of harmony of nature, featuring the female form, animals and fantastical creatures as primary subject matter. The gallery also showcases the work of other Seychellois artists. Find out more here.


Barbara Jenson Studio

This beautiful beach-front studio and gallery on the island of La Digue has been the work space of British artist, Barbara Jenson, since the 1980s. The work showcased in the gallery is extensive – ranging from acrylic on canvas and pencil and charcoal drawings to watercolours, varnish and aluminium plates. She derives her inspiration from the rich African heritage of the Seychellois people. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday and is well worth the visit. Find out more here.


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