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By on 26th February 2018

So you’re having people over and want to impress but cannot even boil an egg – well here is a secret recipe (ssssh…) that will not only have your guests oohing and ahhhing but make you look like a fancy pants dessert chef too!

Ever wondered why commercial rum and raisin ice creams don’t actually taste of rum? This is because ice cream companies are having to cater for children and products containing alcohol invites all sorts of licensing and labelling regulations so they cannot actually use real rum in their ice cream. It is just rum flavouring and we all know you just cant beat the real thing!

This is an adults only seriously grown up Ice Cream!


  • ¾ Cup of Raisins
  • ½ Cup (125ml) of Takamaka Extra Noir Rum or Takamaka Spiced Dark Rum
  • 1 Litre of Vanilla Ice Cream ( we used London Dairy)
  • 1 Cup of Shredded / Grated Coconut

Pour the Rum over the raisins, cover with some plastic film and soak overnight. (Don’t put in the fridge)

The next day the raisins will have soaked up most if not all of the Rum and are now little balls of Takamaka Rum filled magic!

Allow at least two or three hours before you are going to serve the ice cream to start the preparation below;

Take your Ice Cream out of the freezer and let it thaw a bit so it becomes soft enough to stir but not soupy. Mix in your magic balls – (In other words the raisins) taking care not to stir it too much as you don’t want to take all the air out of the Ice Cream – that is what keeps it light and fluffy. And… Hey Presto you’re done! Yep seriously that is all it takes.

Put the oven on to grill and while it heats up, line an oven tray with baking paper, spread the coconut out in a thin even layer. Slide the tray under the grill but don’t go anywhere – You want the coconut to be lightly toasted not char-grilled so it’s best to keep an eagle eye on it as it turns very quickly. Let it cool on the tray and when cold put it in an air tight container for later.

When it’s time for dessert give yourself about 10 minutes prep time – scoop out decent sized balls of ice cream and one by one pop them in the container with the toasted coconut. Roll it about gently to coat the ice cream, depending on how hot your kitchen is you can return the coated ice cream balls to the freezer as you go.

Its all about presentation so make sure you use some nice dishes and some fresh fruit artfully arranged on the side as a garnish. Then present your guests with your amazing “Home-made” dessert with a flourish and Ta-Dah!