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By on 22nd August 2018

Jamie Jones, Director of Drinks at Scotch+Limon, 2017 winner of World Class UK and number 6 in the Global final answers our our questions and gives us the scoop on the latest cocktail trends of the year.


Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into the industry and art of mixology?

I started in the industry about 14 years ago now, as a bar back in my home town of Chester. I fell in love with the fast pace and creativity almost immediately.


In our previous blog we discussed the difference between a bartender and mixologist. What would you say is the difference between a bartender and mixologist?

At the end of the day, I feel that the both are doing the same job: host guests, listen to their needs, serve them delicious drinks. Some individuals may feel they embody one title over another, and as long as they tick the boxes of the 3 rules above, then a name matters not.


How would you describe your cocktail-making style?

I like to use the term ‘simplexity” – meaning I’ll do lots of perhaps technical or nerdy things to the ingredients, but not baffle my guests with big words and terminology, just tell them the core flavours and that it’s delicious.


What inspires you when creating a new cocktail?

I take inspiration from lots of different areas – music, fashion, history, maybe a story I am trying to tell or a journey I am trying to take you on.


What’s your go-to drink or cocktail?

I always love a Negroni or a Daiquiri. But am equally as happy with a pint of lager.


What do you see as some of the cocktail trends this year?

Low and no alcohol is a big trend right now, as are highball style drinks – long and refreshing.


What’s your bartending top tip for both the professional and recreational cocktail-maker?

Follow the recipe! If you measure everything correctly, the drinks will almost always taste as delicious as you want it to.


Out of our Takamaka Rum range, which is your favourite base spirit to work with?

I feel that the Takamaka White Rum is a wonderful canvas to work on, meaning that I can add flavours and complexity to a drink and still feel the Takamaka spirit shine through.


Aside from being made in the Paradise we call Seychelles; In your opinion, what do you think makes Takamaka Rum so special and unlike the other industry standards?

Attention to detail and the overall quality of the liquids produced.


Can you share one of your favourite Takamaka Rum cocktail recipes with us?

Pea & Mint Old Cuban

50ml garden pea infused Takamaka White Rum, 8 mint leaves, 15ml sugar syrup, 15ml lime juice (shaken and double strained in to a Coupette) topped with Champagne and mint sprig garnish


What has been your biggest highlight in your career as a Mixologist?

Winning the World Class GB finals and placing number 6 in the Global final.


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