By on 5th June 2019

La Daube Alexander – A classic Seychellois dessert in a glass, forget the pudding and indulge in this after dinner delight of rum, chocolate, soft spices and coconut – it’s oh-so sweet!

Ladob’ is a traditional and family favourite dessert here in the Seychelles. Usually prepared with with bananas ‘banann’, breadfruit ‘friyapen’, cassava ‘mayok’ or sweet potato ‘patat’ – we have given it our usual Takamaka twist using our premium St. André Rum.

The tools:

  • one martini glass or coupette
  • one egg-cup for measuring
  • a long spoon for stirring
  • one potato peeler for your twist
  • one plastic ‘shaker’ container
  • three handfuls of cubed ice
  • a clean tea-strainer for fine straining

The Tipple:

  • one tot of St. André Rum
  • one tot of dark crème de cacao

The Taste:

  • one pinch of ground cinnamon
  • one pinch of ground nutmeg
  • one orange for a sweet twist
  • one quarter of a vanilla pod (or two drops of vanilla extract)
  • half a tot of coconut cream
  • half a tot of dairy cream
  • sugar syrup to taste (around half a tot should suffice)

The Method:

  1. Chill your glass with a handful of ice and dash of water to get it nice and cold.
  2. Add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg to your shaker.
  3. Peel an orange twist with your potato peeler and give it a squeeze into your shaker
  4. Add the seeds from the vanilla pod (or your drops of vanilla extract).
  5. Using your egg-cup measure the St. André Rum, cacao liqueur, creams & sugar syrup into your shaker. Give it a little stir and quick taste test to check that it’s sweet enough for the dessert lover.
  6. Add two handfuls of ice and shake shake shake for around 10 seconds. Top tip, with creamy drinks, the harder you shake the better the texture. Shaking adds air that whips up a lovely fluffy feel into the cocktail in the same way that beating a cake mix lightens the sponge.
  7. Empty the chilled glass and pour your cocktail mixture through the tea stainer to remove any small pieces of ice.
  8. Serve with a cookie or shortbread biscuit for dipping. Or better yet, drizzle this creamy cocktail over your favourite sponge cake or pudding for a seriously indulgent after dinner delight. More is more sometimes!